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Hi and welcome to the Haringey branch of  Keep Our NHS Public.

Read KONP’s Statement on the Government’s plans for the control of Covid 19.

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NHS England (NHSE) is consulting on their latest plans for so called ‘Integrated Care Systems.’  (ICS).

KONP believes the  proposals mean:
* Another top-down re-organisation of the NHS in England.
* Tight financial control from the centre.
* Even less public accountability.
* New opportunities for the private sector.


Haringey  KONP is  part of a  network of national and local groups campaigning to save the NHS from marketisation, privatisation and cuts.

  • We believe in a publicly funded, publicly delivered and publicly accountable  health service  which is funded to the EU average

  • We believe  public–private partnerships are a bad deal for the NHS and should be  cancelled. 

  • We support the campaigns of  our wonderful NHS staff for decent wages.

  • We believe social care should be funded through general taxation.

  • We  support the campaign for an NHS Reinstatement Bill.

If you agree with  what you see visit our facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/HaringeyKONP/. The more comments and ‘likes’, the more people get to hear about us. 


Under our documents tab you will find

  • ICO’s explained.
  • KONP’s  briefing for new Haringey councillors.
  • The Labour Party’s new improved position on the NHS
  • North Central London STP Watch thoughts/comments on
  • The Naylor Review into selling of the NHS Estate.
  • Plans to limit the range of medical procedures open to GPs. [PoLCE]

 You can contact us at: 

Rod Wells at rodwells1@hotmail.co.uk